Enjoy the process

When I started writing it, little did I know how exciting it would it be to hold the final version in my hands. I remember receiving the first version as if I were a three year old receiving a present.

An Agile Life is one of those passionate projects you feel like working on to escape routine, to have control over your goals and projects in your personal life. In this book, I extract and parse core principles of a very well-known IT methodology called Scrum Agile and apply it to my personal projects in order to drive them forward until completion. The book itself has been written and published leveraging these agile methodologies.

My advice when leveraging the methodology is always, always, always, do what you love!

An Agile Life also combines powerful knowledge learnt through experience about how leadership skills are as important as execution when driving projects in the current environment.

An Agile Life, both the eBook and paperback editions, are already available on Amazon in more than 20 countries, including all EU countries, US, Canada and LatAm countries.

Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or want to learn more about this powerful framework.

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